Struggling to locate a statutory heir? No-one to administer the estate? Use our Kin: Search service.

Should an estate is be regarded as bona vacantia, the assets of the estate pass to the Crown.

Are you aware of an estate where kin cannot be located to administer an estate? Use our Kin:Search service. Using our expertise and international network of trusted agents, we will undertake the requisite searches at our own cost and risk.

Common Questions

How will Kin Probate be paid?

We can work on all cases regardless of size. Where there is an estate we will, after providing full details in accordance with our policy of transparency, look to enter into a commission-based agreement with the next of kin.

What does a policy of full transparency mean?

Traditionally probate genealogists would only provide information relating to the estate to the putative beneficiary if he/ she would enter into a commission based agreement. We take a different approach: we inform beneficiaries of all salient information that we are aware of.

Why not just refer it to on as bona vacantia?

Using Kin: Search provides opportunities: opportunity to enable next-of-kin to attend the funeral, opportunity to a council to avoid protracted delays and opportunity for solicitors to retain fees.

Why Kin Probate?

Kin Probate  was originally established by a solicitor with the principle of ethics at its core. Kin Probate operate a policy of full transparency so that all parties can make better-informed decisions. We are also committed to putting something back into the community.

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