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We provide a range of services, some of which are free, all of which have been developed to help.


Use our genealogist expertise with our core services of Kin: Search & Kin: Verify. With our free initial assessment and tailored fee options, we look to help you reduce your risk whilst providing better client care.


Using our expertise we have successfully provided unanticipated windfalls to beneficiaries at home & abroad. If you have been contacted then we believe you may have a connection to an estate we are investigating.

Public Sector

We offer free services to the public sector that ensure high standards of delivery whilst reducing risk and cost. Our Kin: Search service will typically locate a next-of-kin so that a welfare funeral can be avoided.

About Us

Originally established by a solicitor for solicitors, Kin Probate seeks to be a connection that you can trust. We will utilise our experience and network to help you resolve problems you may encounter during the probate process, whether the problem is based in the UK or abroad.

We cherish our reputation and accordingly approach each case diligently, regardless of the size or complexity of the matter. We consider our relationships are based not only on our technical ability but also our principles of transparency and accountability. We take responsibility seriously: this goes beyond ensuring that our work is of the highest quality, it means that we also look to put something back into the wider community and leave a positive legacy.

At a Glance

What is kin probate?

Kin Probate are professional genealogists; our expertise lies in tracing next-of-kin/ missing beneficiaries across the globe.

Why have I received a letter?

Our investigations suggest that you, or someone you know, may be entitled to receive monies from the estate that we are investigating.

How have you located me?

We use a wide range of public resources, online databases and utilise a worldwide network of trusted agents, when research takes us overseas.

How are your fees paid?

We work on a commission basis: only if our research conclusions are correct do we receive a fee (which will be deducted at source – we will never ask for your bank details).

Have you received correspondence from us?

Kin: Search

Identify & locate kin to administer the estate.
Locate missing beneficiaries in the UK &/ or abroad.

Kin: Verify

Ensure the family tree you have been provided is accurate.
Use our free service to assess someone’s eligibility to administer the estate.

Probate: Resolution

International bankruptcy searches.
Will & Asset searches & much more…

Kin: Search - Referral Form

Solicitor, Local Authority, NHS Trust: aware of someone who has died? Looking to find next-of-kin? In a hurry?

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We are committed to our core values of transparency, accountability and excellent client service.

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Member of the worldwide body of professional genealogists.

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Fully ICO compliant: ensuring that we protect your privacy.


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