What is Kin: Verify?


In our experience around a third of referrals contain inaccuracies in the family tree provided by the client.

Minimise the risk and hassle of incorrect distribution and provide better client care from the outset.

Our researchers will investigate the family tree: if there are areas that require investigation we will let you know and provide fee options.

If the family tree that you have supplied appears correct, we will confirm in writing and look to provide you with a quote for MBI free of charge.



We strongly recommend that you use Kin: Verify to assess whether you identified and located all requisite members entitled under a class gift.



Use our free service at an early to assess whether you have the/ an appropriate administrator.



We can use our experience and discretion to reconstruct the family tree for the purposes of a Statutory Will application.

Common Questions

How will I be charged?

Should our free initial assessment determine that there are gaps requiring investigation we will look to supply you tailored fee options for you to consider on a no-obligation basis.

What are the main causes of inaccuracy?

It is not uncommon for families to have secrets. The most likely culprit of inaccuracies derives from lack of knowledge.

What is the role of insurance?

We recommend our services run alongside insurance. There is always a risk that beneficiaries may not be located by professional genealogists owing principally to official clerical errors and/ or illegitimate children.

Can I just get MBI?

If MBI is required, insurers invariably require a report from a probate genealogist. We look to fulfil this function for free using an insurance broker.

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