What is Kin: Search?

Administrator Search

As intestacy specialists, we typically:

  • locate kin within 48 hours;
  • ascertain which of the kin is willing to be an Administrator; and
  • look to reappoint your firm to administer the estate.

We undertake this in accordance with our transparency policy so that the beneficiaries are informed of all salient information such as who has died – this, in our experience, ensures better client care. Why miss out on fees? We refer the work back to the original solicitors. Do not refer a case on as bona vacantia until we have made our initial, no cost investigations on your behalf.

Beneficiary Search

Use our expertise and network of trusted agents across the globe to overcome investigative cul-de-sacs and pursue all viable lines of enquiry.

Executor Search

Use our free search to locate the whereabouts of an executor/ executrix

Other Kin: Search uses

We can locate:

  • Beneficiaries to Trusts, Pension Funds or Insurance Policies &
  • Freeholders to land or property owners

Common Questions

How will fees be paid?

Further to our initial free assessment, we will provide you a range of fee options to choose from together with our recommendations.

How are searches carried out?

We invest heavily in a range of databases and records. We also have a network of trusted agents abroad should the work have a foreign element.

What is the success rate?

In 96% of cases where we have been asked to locate an administrator we have located a statutory heir and then successfully referred the work back to the original solicitors.

What if someone cannot be found?

Working in conjunction with our insurance broker partner we will look to provide you a quote for insurance.

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