Code of Conduct

  1. Behave with integrity and sensitivity at all times and treat people fairly irrespective of their race, gender, colour, creed, age or sexual orientation.
  2. All confidential information obtained in the course of business will be held as such and the provisions of the Data Protection Act shall be adhered to.
  3. Offer candid, concise advice in plain English.
  4. Communication to be provided promptly with updates to be provided at regular intervals.
  5. Present research in clear, logical manner.
  6. Explain without concealment all fees, charges and payment structures.
  7. Keep adequate records.
  8. Avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and research.
  9. Where applicable, declare any personal or financial interest.
  10. Staff are encouraged to resolve any dispute and/ or complaint in a prompt and professional manner. Staff must report to management any colleague who they suspect may be in of this code.


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